Sonnets and Soul Production

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The Department of Theatre Arts presents Sonnets and Soul, a new musical with book and music by Tony Award Nominee Michael McElroy. This production will take place in the IRA ALDRIDGE THEATER on the campus of Howard University. Performances take place at 7:00 pm February 21 -23 and February 27- March 1, 2024; and 4:00 pm February 24, 2024. Get your tickets today!

“A Boy… A youth running from a simple truth, 

he yearns to break free but filled with doubt… 

No words convey all the things he wants to say. 

Desperate to find a way out- Tired of playing pretend 

Can't see how his sorrows will mend

Right now it’s tough… are you strong enough?”

SONNETS AND SOUL celebrates being young, gifted, queer, and Black utilizing African American culture and music to make our Narrator’s memories vividly come to life. It is a story of family, love, forgiveness, healing… and the music that continues to define a people.

Exploring the intersection of faith, legacy, and identity, SONNETS AND SOUL asks audiences: how did you come to learn love? Told through varied African American music genres such as soul, gospel, R&B and pop, this new musical invites us to reflect on how we connect as a community and engage with our cultural idioms. Audiences will experience bold embodiment from the performers, unique choral composition, and brilliant storytelling as the Black queer mind-space is unlocked. 

SONNETS AND SOUL is directed and choreographed by Dell Howlett, with musical direction by Allen René Louis. The design and creative team includes Nadir Bey (scenic), Alberto Segarra (lighting), Brandee Mathies (costumes), Thom Woodward (sound), Dylan Uremovich (projections), and Khalid Long (dramaturg). Properties are being designed by students in the Stagecraft courses within the department.

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