Bison Community

CABCoFA: a community of artist-scholars, educators, administrators and aesthetic/cultural activists

The Chadwick A. Boseman College of Fine Arts (CABCoFA) is a community of Fine and Performing Artists — Actors, Administrators, Dancers, Musicians and Visual Artists — who believe in the power of creativity.

While artistic and academic rigor are signature to our programs, education within HU College of Fine Arts extends beyond the walls of the practice rooms, studios and theaters. Students also benefit from the rich centers of art and culture throughout the city of Washington, DC, international opportunities through the study abroad program, and a worldwide network of alumni and connections to professions.

Here at CABCoFA, we are thought leaders and arts innovators. We are international. We’re committed to excellence. Our students work with award-winning faculty and administrators, practice in top-notch facilities, thrive in the spaces of creative experimentation, and pursue the many opportunities available at one of the world’s best universities — Howard University.

Thank you for your contributions and being a valuable member of this community!