We present a unique opportunity to balance a rigorous conservatory-style education with a liberal arts foundation.

Applying, Auditioning, Interviewing and Submitting a Portfolio to the
Chadwick A. Boseman College of Fine Arts

At the Chadwick A. Boseman College of Fine Arts, what we do is serious. This is professional study. It’s intense, it’s real, and it’s not for everyone. But, if you’re ready to dive into your artistry, open yourself and your mind to new thoughts and approaches, embrace innovation, and experience an education that will prepare you for your career and a life in the arts and in the world, this is the place for you. Today more than ever, the world needs Artists who are Aesthetic/Cultural Activists!

In order to be considered for admission to the College, all applicants must follow this step-by-step process:

     (1) apply to the University; and

     (2) audition and interview; and/or

     (3) interview and submit a portfolio.

These requirements are explained in detail below by department. Please read and comply with all provisions of the admission process.


Application Type Application Deadline (for receipt of submitted Common Application) Document Deadline (for receipt of audition materials, portfolio, optional test scores, letters of recommendation, academic records, etc.) Notification Date (notices will be sent via email)
Early Action November 1, 2023 November 15, 2023 Late January 2024
Early Decision November 1, 2023 November 15, 2023 Late January 2024
Theatre Arts (Acting, Dance & Musical Theatre majors ONLY) November 15, 2023 November 15, 2023 Late January 2024
Regular Decision February 1, 2024 March 1, 2024 Early April 2024

Applying to the College

Applicants to the College must satisfy all Howard University academic requirements. Prospective students are encouraged to read and comply with all admission policies, procedures and deadlines as set forth by the University:

     • University Office of Admission

     • Howard University Undergraduate Admission

     • Howard University Graduate Admission

Undergraduate Study

Complete the Common Application

First-year and transfer students should apply to the University using the Common Application.  Please note the applicable deadlines, below.

     • Common Application

For a complete list of undergraduate application types and policies, see the following page:

     • Application Types

First Time in College

A student who has never been admitted to a degree program at Howard University or any other post-secondary institution of higher education is considered a First Time in College (FTIC) student. See

Admission Plans

As of August 2018, Howard University no longer offers Spring entry for FTIC applicants. First Time in College applicants have the opportunity to submit an application for Early Decision, Early Action or Regular Decision.

  • Early Decision (ED) is a binding admission plan that is designed for students whose first choice is Howard University. ED applicants may apply to other colleges/universities while we review their applications, but may only apply to one college/university early decision. In general, if an ED applicant is offered admission to Howard, he/she must withdraw all other college applications. However, ED applicants seeking financial aid need not withdraw other applications until they have received notification about financial aid. If we have not met the full financial need of an admitted ED applicant (based on submitted FAFSA/HU ISFAA information), enrollment would not required. ED decisions are provided to students via email in late January. The ED Agreement requires your assigned counselor and parent to sign the agreement. For more information on how to submit the agreement, visit the Common App Support site for Students or Recommenders.
  • Early Action (EA) is a nonbinding admission plan. EA allows high achieving students the opportunity to receive their admission decision early in the admissions process. EA decisions are provided to students via email in late January. Scholarships are also awarded at this time for all accepted Early Action & Early Decision applicants that meet the specific requirements.
    • NOTE: ED and EA applicants with incomplete applications after November 15 will be moved to the regular decision applicant pool.
  • Regular Decision (RD) is a nonbinding admission plan. Under our RD admission plan, students are provided with an admission decision via email by early April. RD applicants with incomplete applications after March 1 will not be able to receive an admission decision. Thus, we do encourage all RD applicants to submit their admission items by our posted document deadline.
    • NOTE: RD applicants with incomplete applications after March 1 will not be rendered with a final decision. These admission files will be marked as incomplete.

Please note: Once your application has been submitted, your decision plan cannot generally be changed.

Graduate Study

The graduate programs are designed to be completed in two years of full-time, fall-and-spring-semester study.  A rigorous program of coursework in performance and studio art creates exceptional professional artists of the highest caliber.

We highly encourage you to view the Graduate School Application Deadlines for information on each departments deadlines. Also, please consult the respective department for any admission instructions specific to each program.

NOTE: Unfortunately, the Graduate Admission Office does not offer application fee waivers at this time. The Graduate Admission Application is also not applicable for:

  • Undergraduate Applicants,

  • Undergraduate Former Students Returning,

  • Exchange (Domestic or International)

  • Continuing Education students

Complete the Graduate Common Application

  • GradCAS (Graduate Centralized Application Service)

Official Transcripts

  • Applicants must report all institutions attended and send all official transcripts to the respective CAS system (Application Service). Detailed instructions are included in each CAS application. If you do not list or send official transcripts for all institutions attended, processing of your application will be delayed.
  • Transcripts sent via fax/email or uploaded as an unofficial transcript will not be considered in our official review. If your transcript is being sent via mail, please ensure it is sent by your school in a sealed envelope to the CAS system's transcript processing center. Only transcripts submitted to the processing center will be visible via the 'Check Status' area. We do not encourage you to submit official transcripts via mail directly to Howard University, as there may be significant delays in our receipt.
  • Sending transcripts electronically? If asked for the recipient’s email address, please provide Otherwise, CAS systems accept electronic transcripts from:

Undergraduate Admission Requirements by Department

Graduate Admission Requirements by Department

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