Disney Storytellers Fund Project

The Walt Disney Company Announces The Disney Storytellers Fund At Howard University To Support The Next Generation Of Black Storytellers

The Disney Storytellers Fund at Howard University will provide stipends over a five-year period for student projects focused on storytelling across a variety of media including animation, digital design, gaming, journalism, live action, performing arts, product design, visual design, virtual reality and more. Disney will also provide access to speakers, mentors and internships to students in the program to spark interest in these fields and help them build the skills necessary for a future career in entertainment. The Disney Storytellers Fund only support students from the Chadwick A. Boseman College of Fine Arts (CABCoFA) and Cathy Hughes School of Communications (CHSoC) at Howard University.



The Disney Storytellers Fund will provide stipends from $25,000 to groups consisting of students only from CABCoFA and SoC, for projects focused on “storytelling” through a variety of media, including animation, digital design, film, gaming, journalism, live action, performing arts, product design, augmented or virtual reality, drones, visual design, outside of the box ideas, and moreMultiple pitches will not be accepted. Select the best idea to present.

To apply for the Disney Storytellers Fund Project, please complete the areas listed below and include the following:

1. A Letter of Application (no longer than two (2) pages). (PDF or Word files are required.)
2. Detailed Proposal (no longer than five (5) pages). (PDF or Word files are required.)
3. A Resume (no longer than two (2) pages) for each group member. (PDF or Word files are required.)
4. A 150- to 200- word biography for each group member. (PDF or Word files are required.)
5. A high-resolution, professional headshot for each group member. (Minimum 300 dpi; JPG, JPEG or PNG preferred.)
6. Attach an unofficial copy of your transcript.


  • Students must be a Freshman, Sophomore, Junior or Senior currently enrolled at Howard University.
  • Students who are Seniors are only eligible to apply for the 2022-2023 academic school year.


Elements of the Letter of Application and Detailed Proposal

Letter of Application

- Briefly state your concept statement, scope of work, mission, significance, objectives, method, and anticipated outcomes. The application letter should include your medium and academic discipline. This may be the first and/or only thing a reviewer reads! Write this with enthusiasm.

Detailed Proposal To Include
Goals and Objectives of the Project/Description and Scope of Work—State in measurable terms the project’s specific desired outcomes, relate the objectives directly to the scope of work, mission, significance. What are you trying to achieve?

Background and Project Context—Why this project? Why this idea? Present social, cultural, humanistic, and technical issues related to the project.

Methods/Innovation—Describe the activities, methodologies to be performed to meet the stated objectives. Defend your choice of activities. Discuss who will perform and/or implement these activities.

Feasibility/Budget/Timeline—Arrange by budget categories. Briefly explain how budget items were calculated. Details about personnel (i.e. vendors, if known), equipment needs, amounts/costs of categories and indirect costs. Include a projected timeline of three (3) months. Download a project budget template to assist with developing your expenses for your project. Click here.

Assessment/Evaluation—State plans to evaluate the project. What does success look like to you? What are anticipated specific results or success.


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