Art Students Featured in GDUSA Students to Watch 2019

MARCH 12, 2019

Two students from Howard University’s Department of Art are featured in the February 2019 issue of Graphic Design USA (GDUSA). The annual “Students to Watch” honorees are selected from top art and design schools across the nation.

Electronic Studio major, Thi T. Nguyen and graphic design major, Lesley M. Pierrot are in their senior year at Howard and have exciting career plans in UX and UI design after graduation in May.

Thi T. Nguyen (pronounced “Tee Win”) is a multidisciplinary student designer from Vietnam currently based in Washington, DC. As an art and tech enthusiast, she loves bridging visual arts with computer technology. Believing in the power of design to have significant social impact, she aspires to design meaningful and inclusive experiences for all people. With her ambitious vision and a strong passion, she is pursuing a career in UI/UX design and interactive art. While she isn’t working or learning, she is most likely brewing coffee, taking a photo walk, or surfing Soundcloud.

It’s a huge honor for me to be featured on this year’s GDUSA Students to Watch list. I’m thrilled to be representing the vibrant design culture at Howard. I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to the education and support from the Howard Art Department, especially the assistance from Dr. Miriam Ahmed who’s an amazing educator. Moving forward, I will definitely keep up the good work to show the world what a Howard-educated art maker can do!

~ Thi T. Nguyen, BFA 2019

Lesley M. Pierrot is a sweet tooth extraordinaire and a pizzaphile based in Washington, DC. She believes that if a picture is a worth a thousand words then why not use the thousand words as the art? As a late bloomer, she advocates for graphic design to not just be taught at a college level so that future designers can find their calling earlier in life. In the future, she plans to start a non-profit graphic design firm with a focus on businesses of color as well as businesses threatened by gentrification. Lesley was also the recipient of a GDUSA American Graphic Design Award in October 2018.

It was an honor and privilege to be featured in GDUSA. People of color, especially women, are significantly underrepresented in the graphic design field and it is vital that we are vigilant when it comes to highlighting our accolades, not just for ourselves but to inspire others. I thank Dr. Miriam Ahmed for the nomination and her support. My plan is to freelance and focus on businesses of color, and one day publish my own magazine.

~ Lesley M. Pierrot, BFA 2019

Thi and Lesley join the Department of Art’s list of students honored in the annual GDUSA Students to Watch issue. In 2018, graphic design major, Jade Williams was selected as the feature’s cover, and in 2017, Katherine Downs and Cameron Crosby – also graphic design majors – were also Students to Watch.

Check out Thi and Lesley in the Students to Watch feature in the February 2019 issue of GDUSA, or online at and

The Department of Art congratulates electronic studio major, Thi T. Nguyen and graphic design major, Lesley M. Pierrot on this exemplary achievement. Go Bison!

GDUSA Students to Watch 2019