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Chadwick Boseman: A Life Lived

Watch Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom:

Chicago, 1927. A recording session. Tensions rise between Ma Rainey (Viola Davis), her ambitious horn player (Chadwick Boseman), and the white management determined to control the legendary “Mother of the Blues.” Based on Pulitzer Prize winner August Wilson's play.

Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom, directed by George C. Wolfe. Starring Viola Davis, Chadwick Boseman, Colman Domingo, Michael Potts, Glynn Turman, Dusan Brown and Taylour Paige. Released by Netflix.

Ma Rainey's Black Bottom | Official Trailer | Netflix
Chadwick B.- Statement- resolution

Chad was a student with a clear vision and steadfast purpose; he was an artist of immense talent and empathy. He had a wonderful sense of humor accompanied by a huge smile and a great laugh. He was a warrior. He became a King.

~ Kim James Bey, Professor

Chadwick Boseman was and remains an example of a well-crafted actor and director. His film roles are to be studied for technique and detail. His research, keen mind and creative choices were/are always in evidence.

~ Vera J. Katz, Professor Emerita

Chad is the epitome of seeking, persevering, and fulfilling his purpose. His presence was gentle yet powerful - I am honored to have shared the space with him both on stage and off.  “To be young, gifted, and Black...” may his greatness and legacy live on forever.  

~ Tiffany Quinn, Class of ‘04

BADA feels honored to have him as part of our family.

~ Eunice Roberts, Dean/British American Drama Academy

Thank you for your example. May we be embodied with your power. RIP Bison

~ Yolanda Jack

Chad gave us greatness. Follow the roadmap he left behind.

~ Tugene Davis

I tell my students about you all the time. I remember when you dapped me up after I said “Hey man! How you doing?” You replied “Hey bro! What’s good!” After we talked about the Howard struggle and how you were a directing major as you were promoting 42. Then you did a talkback with us. I was looking through my phone the other day from the talkback you gave when I was in college years ago. I still have the notes. Thanks for being one of the most down-to-earth people I could have ever met. Say hi to my friend. Rest in Power Mr. Boseman, King T’Challa

~ Matthew Aaron Holbert

As an HU Theatre [81] and Filmmaker [85] alumni, the scene between a distraught Delroy Lindo and Chadwick Boseman spirit forgiving him [DA 5 Bloods] is the greatest cinematic scene [Brotherhood and Forgiveness] between two Black men, I have ever seen in my life. As the flight of Angels carries you to the real Wakanda to be with our ancestors may you be forevermore KING Chadwick Boseman "King T'Challa"...Wakanda Forever!

~ Ray Michael Bridgewater

Thank you. “Chad with that smile, and that low key suave mannerism, has a special place in my heart, as we laughed together finding out that we shared a birthday. He was quiet to many, but his intelligence, personality, amazing character, and talent was extremely boisterous. You're an iconic masterpiece who shall always be remembered. Chadwick Boseman, I love you and will miss you.”

~ Amber Ba'th

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Chad's dignified and honorable portrayal of King T'Challa in Black Panther changed our Hollywood industry and the world. His generous heart, passion for excellence, and love for us changed our world. Rest easy, Brother. The king has become a king with The King.

~ Naima Lett

Keep thinking about that amazing, humble smile and that soft, subtle, swagged out voice of Chadwick Boseman’s calling “Selmon” in the hallways of Fine Arts when I was wandering about looking for my Dad, Joe Selmon. Two Kings and Legends!

~ Keetra Selmon Crutchfield

Chad, THANK YOU for showing us all what it means to be a master at our craft, live our truth, to serve our people though the art of storytelling. You were a gift to us all. I am grateful that you are now one of the Ancestors. Give my love to Dad and the rest!

~ Kalea (The Baby Selmon)

Chad epitomized Howard’s motto, “Excellence in truth and service.” He led with love and humility in school and in Hollywood and his gifts will eternally bless humanity.

~ Karen L. Wiesner Baker


Watching you soar the way you did showed us all just how high we too can go. Your example will forever be a beacon to each of us along our own journeys toward excellence in all we are called to.

~ Eric R. Williams

Thank you for your light and talent you shared with the world. Thank you for being an example of greatness. We will forever be proud of you. Job well done King. Rest Now.

~ Krys Rasocoe

His craft was always based in Veritas et Utilitas and through it, he influenced so many Black people to love their culture.

~ Taylor Lewis

Thank you for your light and your legacy Chadwick. I promise to continue to carry the torch!

~ Ashley Blaine Featherson

He was the kindest soul with the gentlest smile.

~ Akil Wingate

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Chad...(or "Chadius" as I jokingly called him) was a force to be reckoned with. His aura was of someone who was strong, determined, powerful, yet he was so, so, so kind and humble.

~ Stacy Walker

He was the quintessential example of responsible acting in Hollywood for his people! The acting we're all trained to do at Howard! He did not koon, and he did not Sambo. He was our generation's Harry Belafonte, or Sidney Poitier!!

~ Florenda Ea Bates

Chad had a strong sense of self at Howard. He was intentional with his words and purposeful in his actions. He had a sense of humor that would brighten your day between classes.

~ Clawanna Etherly

I appreciate Chadwick for the legacy of great work that he left behind. He was truly an artist that believed in his craft. I appreciate the roles he took, and the road he paved for those of us who looked up to him. Lastly, I am more than grateful to call him a fellow Bison.

~ Courtney Denyse

I had the honor of mentoring Chad when he interned at Soul Rep Theatre in Dallas-the summer after his HU Freshman year; then later co-produced HHTJ-Rhyme Deferred here. I believe every bit of integrity, drive, curiosity, intensity and super power he embodied, was upon him from birth! He KNEW and he ACTED.

~ Guiena Be

Chad told the stories with authenticity and humanness. He made us believe in real life values grounded in a fictitious place. He displayed commitment despite what he was going through. He showed us what it is to be better than your circumstances...that is his legacy. The question is how are we going to continue it?

~ Silinea Hilliard

His favorite line to me “I love you like I love cooked food!”

~ Thakira Pirrone

Chadwick Boseman let Hollywood know Black actors are not confined to an ideology box of stereotypes. He represented our greatness, our creativity and our commitment to excellence. Class Act.

~ Carla Renata

Thank you for your courage and humbleness.

~ Kristen Hall

Chad...Thank you for legacy, passion and work you left behind. A honor to share space with you in the dance studio and watched you push to the big screen. Thanks for telling our story, our history. A humble and beautiful spirit.. RIP Bison Bro

~ Tahitia N.

Chad - if someone knew nothing about your life, they’d know enough about your character from the way people speak your name with love, pride and immense gratitude. Way to fulfill your purpose, brother.

~ Shiree, NC

Chadwick Boseman's impact touched many generations all across the globe. Whether in-person or through the screen, he made our community proud!

~ Dominique Douglas Hendricks, Theatre Arts Faculty