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Over the last 150-plus years, Howard University has become one of the most prestigious historically Black universities (HBCUs) in the United States. The quality of the staff and faculty is the reason for Howard’s prestige. It is imperative for this quality to not only be maintained but consistently improved. The Chadwick A. Boseman College of Fine Arts (CoFA) has and consequently impacts approximately 300+ students. Faculty, staff, and students in the various concentrations within the departments of Art, Music, and Theatre Arts are equally regarded.

To ensure the educational culture remains rich, an intentional focus needs to be placed on both student and faculty/staff social-emotional health and wellness. It is proposed that the following program be implemented to best facilitate their intra- and interpersonal social and emotional growth.


The program’s intention is to help students and faculty/staff better identify and articulate their challenges and to develop and implement strategies that will best assist them perform at an optimal level personally and professionally.

About the Practitioner

James M. Ballard III, Ph.D., is a Clinical Psychologist and certified Life Coach. Dr. Ballard designs social-emotional modules to educate, guide, and support artists and athletes opting to enter, work within, or transition from the entertainment industry. Dr. Ballard provides coaching, training, and counseling services to student, amateur, and professional artists, and has done so through NIKE, The New England Music Organization, IndieGate.com, SOAC Entertainment, Duke Ellington School of the Arts, and other organizations. Dr. Ballard has extensive experience providing individual and group counseling, and has also provided family counseling. Dr. Ballard has completed numerous educational and comprehensive psychological evaluations and presents as an expert on multicultural programming with African-American populations in the juvenile justice system. Dr. Ballard created and taught an Entertainment Psychology course at Sojourner Douglass College. He is a former NCAA scholarship/basketball player, song writer, vocalist, producer, and performer. Learn more about Dr. Ballard here.


Dr. James Ballard III
College of Fine Arts
Room B-1
Walk-in and By Appointment
(202) 806-7040

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