Alumni Legacy Project

Chadwick Boseman

Class of 2000

The alum and star of Black Panther spoke at Howard University's 2018 Commencement ceremony.

The legacy of Howard resides in the challenges you choose to confront.

Engage. Contribute. Support.

#GiveBack Alumni Legacy Project is an initiative designed to create opportunities for alumni to “tithe” their talent, time and finances to support the departmental mission, vision and goals as we nurture and develop the next generation of Howard students.

Why create it?

All alum are ambassadors of the department/university and deserve opportunities to maintain a relationship reflected through ongoing support of their beloved alma mater.

Four Pillars of the Alumni Legacy Project

  1. Legacy Workshops - alumni will be invited to engage with students either in person or virtually via live stream.
  2. Legacy Studios - an online alumni digital video mentoring repository.  All departmental alum are invited to create a 5-10 minute maximum recorded video that will serve as their contribution to a mentoring repository for current students and alum.
  3. Fundraising - the launch of the fundraising component will be tied to the campaign for the reinstatement of the College of Fine Arts.
  4. Curriculum Advisory Surveys - Every five years the faculty solicit curriculum feedback from alum via survey with the goal of making the curriculum competitive. The next survey will be conducted in spring 2023.

Please send an email to Denise J. Hart at to receive information to participate in the Legacy Workshop initiative, complete the media release form and/or access the info/process to create your Legacy Studio digital mentoring video.

Thank you for your continued support of our beloved alma mater! #bisonforward 

Please email to contact Denise J. Hart, Department of Theatre Arts Alumni Relations Committee, Chair

Alumni Legacy Studio

Alumni Legacy Studio - is a digital video mentoring repository. All DOTA alum are invited to contribute to this repository by creating a 5-10 minute maximum recorded mentor video.

Sample questions to answer in your mentoring video

1.) Networking advice, preparing for auditions, hiring an agent and/or manager, etc.

2.) Share how you overcame a challenge you’ve encountered in your industry.

3.) Three words to live by and why?

4.) Theory and practice –why do you need both?

5.) What advice do you have for an artist scholar of color?

Once you've recorded your mentoring video please email it to All videos will be uploaded to the "HU Alumni Legacy Project" YouTube Channel. #HowardForward #FineFineFineArts #COFAReturns



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