Theatre Arts Degrees

Developing the highest quality of theatre art and the investigation and perpetuation of Black theatre.

We are dedicated to the continued growth and development of African-American theatre by training competent professionals in the fields of Acting, Dance Arts, Musical Theatre, Theatre Arts Administration, and Theatre Technology. We foster an environment that encourages research and experimentation in performance, pioneering innovative forms of drama and dance that best enable African-American artists to speak in their own distinctive cultural voice.

Gillian Clifford

Alumna, Dance Arts

The Howard University Dance Arts program is truly like no other. Throughout my four years, I was pushed to be an artist I never imagined myself to be. The program provided me with amazing opportunities to help me transition into the professional world."



The Department of Theatre Arts offers the following concentrations for undergraduate students:

  • Acting
  • Dance Arts
  • Musical Theatre
  • Theatre Arts Administration
  • Theatre Technology
  • Theatre and Dance Minors

Please see the Department of Theatre Arts's Concentrations page for more information.

Pipeline Programs

Pipeline programs at the Howard University Department of Theatre Arts include apprenticeships, internships, apprenticeships and performance opportunities. For more information, contact the Coordinator of the Department of Theatre Arts Pipeline Programs, Professor Ricky Ramon, Pipeline programs include the following:


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