Photography and Video

Our photography and videography is a reflection of our culture and brand.

All College of Fine Arts photos and video should aim to be authentic and human-centered, and portraiture should capture human emotion and effectively reflect the diversity of our community. We love photos and video imagery that show our community engaged in the creative process, as well as the “finished” performance, exhibition, recital, etc.

Lighting is important, and photos and videos should be edited to be bright, crisp, and color balanced. Our photo and video subjects should never feel posed, and photographers and videographers should try to capture student life without the use of talent. 

We encourage you to use professional photographers and videographers whenever possible if you are capturing imagery for external-facing publications. If capturing in-house, please use the best equipment available, and make sure your photographer or videographer has training in taking and editing photographs and video.

For additional questions about photography and video please contact the Office of University Communications at Photography & Video.

Media Consent Form

Be sure to have subjects complete and sign a Media Consent Form. This form should be retained on file by the department that will use the images.

For additional questions about model releases policies contact the Office of the General Counsel.