Social Media Guidelines

This section includes standards for social media that can help ensure a strong and consistent social media presence. If you have questions, please contact the college’s communications office.

For More Information

  • If you have questions about social media guidelines, contact College of Fine Arts Assistant Dean of Administration Denise Saunders Thompson or Director of Operations and Events Dominique Douglas Hendricks.
  • If you observe inappropriate behavior on a social media property managed by or affiliated with the College of Fine Arts, please contact Denise Saunders Thompson.

Visual Guidelines for Social Media Avatars

A social media avatar is a personalized graphical illustration or image that represents a user. There are two types of avatars that can be used for social media outlets:

Image Avatar

Images may be used by the University, colleges, departments and offices. The imagery should be relevant to the entity. Non-academic campus units that primarily focus on student life, activities and services should select an image of a person/people, place/building or thing/object that is resonate and relatable. Any department or unit can select an image relevant to a specific area of study or theme. Below are some examples of what an image avatar might look like:

Image Avatar examples

Lockup Avatar

Departments and Units may use logo lockups for their avatars. The College of Fine Arts uses the stacked primary logo, or a customized version of the branded lockup, as shown below. The blue background is reserved for college level. 

Departments and Units may use a version of the branded lockup as shown below, only if the name works within the character space. 

The customized Lockup Avatars should only be used for application in social media.

College and Department Lockup Avatar